Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Steel Dog-6

The Way of the Universe

Every age suffered its Infallibles.

Youth and spirit and a boneheaded indifference to another person’s views, even if they were same views expressed by strange tongues:  Those qualities bolstered every new faith.  Two thousand years of history had been carried by one Jewish lady who claimed to be the Daughter of God.  Crucified on the cross, the madwoman managed to return from the dead, and in more fashions than one.  Even an agnostic had to admire Her endurance, Her fabulous reach.  To think that a lady born into that ancient world, a society where wives and oxen were property and good oxen were praised more than any woman...well, it was a very unlikely story.  Yet the prophet’s Word spread among the educated women of Rome and then their slave women, and facing multiple threats, that old cosmopolitan empire took up the cause as a pragmatic means to unite the nation, helping it survive onslaughts from a never-defeated East.

But any worthwhile god is powerful and the deity can certainly sire more than one important child.

The Maimun was half Jewish, half Arab, and irrepressibly male.  God's second Child became the obvious answer to the matriarchal West.  During His life, enthusiastic converts took hold of Persia, and long after His death, the Han and Mongols and the rest of Asia fell under His faith.

As unlikely as the Christ was, the Maimun seemed nothing but inevitable.

And that was the way of the universe.  The impossible; the cliche.  Dancing across the stars, the centuries, and the dreams of little souls.

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